It’s always better to “make it official”. Making your business, or your work as a freelancer or online seller, “legit”, protects you as well as your customers. And to make your work legit, you’re going to need a Business Permit, also known as a Mayor’s Permit.

Once you have your DTI certificate (if you’re an online seller or a sole proprietor) and your barangay clearance, you can start working on getting your Business Permit. You can get this from the City Hall where you live or where you plan on doing business.

What do I need to get a Business Permit?

Go through this list carefully and make sure you have everything before you go to City Hall:

1. Your DTI certificate (Find out how you can get a DTI Certificate, here.)
2. A Community Tax Certificate (also known as Cedula or CTC) for this year, which you can also get at City Hall
3. Your Barangay Clearance
4. Location Clearance
5. Certificate of Occupancy
6. Building Permit
7. Contract of Lease (if you’re renting) or Land Title Tax Declaration (if you own the property)
8. Picture or Sketch of the Site
9. Public Liability Insurance (if you own a restaurants, mall or cinemas)

10. Some types of businesses will also have other requirements:

  • Drugstores or Bakeries: Bureau of Food and Drug Administration Permit
  • Rice, Corn, and Wheat Dealership: National Grains Authority License
  • Electrical Services & Car Repairs: DTI Accreditation
  • Brokerage Firms for Real Estate: Real Estate Broker’s License from DTI
  • Transportation: LTO Franchising and Regulatory Board Permit
  • Pest Control Services: Pest Control License
  • LPG Dealerships: Energy Regulatory Board (ERB)

What happens when I get to City Hall?

Every City Hall has its own application process, but they all include these four main steps:

Step 1: Head over to the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) with all your required documents. Your fees will be assessed and then submitted to the receiving section. Depending on the volume of applications being processed, this step usually takes more than a day to complete.

Step 2: Pay for your Mayor’s Permit at the Cashier’s office and be sure to keep your receipt.

Step 3: Present your receipt to get your Fire Safety or Inspection Permit, Electrical Inspection Certificate and Sanitary Permit, then pay for these permits at the Cashier’s office.

Step 4: Get your Business Permit.

Your new business permit will be valid for 1 year, which means you’ll have to renew it again come January.

Do you need help with getting your business permit? Ask an accountant from one of our Partner Firms, today.