You may be wondering why you even need barangay clearance when starting a business. Well, it can’t be helped: anyone who starts a business is required to get Barangay Business Clearance, which you can get at the Barangay Hall of the city where you live or plan to do business. 

What do I need to apply for Barangay Clearance?

It’s a good idea to prepare all these documents before you go to the barangay hall:

  • DTI Business Name Registration if you have registered for a business or trade name (Find out how you can get a DTI Certificate, here.)
  • SEC Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership along with the By-Laws and Articles if you applied for a corporation or a partnership
  • Contract of lease as proof that you’re renting, or
  • Land Title and Tax Declaration if you own the property where you’re doing business where 

What happens when I get to the Barangay Hall?

Once you have all your documents, you can start with the application process:

  1. Fill out the Barangay Clearance application form for businesses.
  2. Submit the filled out form along with the documents you prepared.
  3. Wait for them to finish assessing and evaluating your application.
  4. Pay for the assessment at the cashier.
  5. Claim your clearance.

Now that you have your barangay clearance, you can submit it along with all the other requirements for your Mayor’s or Business Permit. You’ll find a guide for getting your Business Permit, here.

Do you need help with getting your barangay clearance? Ask an accountant from one of our Partner Firms, today.